Network is open to all student’s who like to serve others and have a passion for social justice. Network members meet twice a month and partake in several events a semester. Active members must have a 3.0 GPA, participate in one event and attend two meetings.

Our open embrace for all students, allows limited regulations for membership. We seek to gather students of all majors together from all manners of lifestyle, color and creed in a united bond to make a difference!

At Network, everyone counts and everyone can lead. While we do have elected officials to run the organization, no one is stuck doing everything, as all members can have a part to play. We encourage Network members to take on their own initiatives to see their plans into actions, instilling leadership skills in the process.

As an organization, we work together to see that the responsibilities are shared among members. Make long-lasting friends as you work to implement your ideas, or other students’ ideas into action. Your time with Network will develop you as a team worker and capable leader.

Network’s humanitarian determination calls us to all manners of aid and causes, from helping to host Take Back the Night, an awareness event for assault victims, to walking to end homelessness in Detroit. We are always on the lookout to make a difference, offer a helping hand, and try new ideas. Join Network to put your dent in the world!

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