Phi Alpha Honor Society

Among one of the perks of being a Phi Alpha member is connecting with your peers on a deeper level. We strive to improve ourselves and the world using social work practices and group effort. The constructive time you spend with Phi Alpha members will develop you as a professional and holistic being. We find balance between creativity and orderliness to develop our best ideas and efficiently execute them. Our service work gives back to the community while teaching us skills that will benefit our overall lives.  

In order for students to qualify for membership they must have:

  • Completed nine (9) semester credits in social work core courses.
  • Achieved and maintained an overall grade point average of 3.0.
  • Achieved and maintained a 3.3 grade point average in social work courses.


Once accepted into Phi Alpha, active members should participate in a minimum of two service projects and attend at least three meetings in order to be in good standing each academic year. Members must also pay annual dues.

Phi Alpha members are always pushing to be a positive force in the community. We always dive head first to help the less fortunate through numerous events and charities. Through Phi Alpha you can make a difference with book drives, hat and glove giveaways or even raise participation through our Social Work Graduation fair.

What sets Phi Alpha apart from others is our sole focus on social work by social work students. Our above-par GPA requirement sees that we maintain and push for the best. The prestige of Phi Alpha membership stays with you long after college and will be a token of accomplishment for your peers, colleagues and employers to gleam over. Experience the difference at the Phi Alpha Honor Society, and remember once a member, always a member!


Faculty Mentors