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Items starting with I

SW 491 Independent Study

SW majors only, senior standing or permission of instructor advanced research and presentation of critically evaluated data.

  • Hours: 1-6 hours
  • Prerequisites: SW majors only, senior standing or permission of instructor advanced research and presentation of critically evaluated data.

SW 307 Introduction to Ethnic and Cultural Studies

This course will define race, ethnicity and culture, gender and enculturation. The student will learn the components of our social structure and the bias inherent in a socially stratified society where power and authority is vested in one dominant group. The use of stereotypes to reinforce the inferiority of minority groups will be explained. Race as a scientific concept will be a topic for discussion.

  • Prerequisites: LS 105; SOC 306 recommended; Term: 1

SW 312 Introduction to Social Work

Survey of the social work profession – its past and present role within the social welfare institution and the field of human services. Exploration of the nature of social work – its focus, purpose, various tasks, range of practice settings, levels of practice, as well as the base of knowledge, values, and skills for responding to human needs/problems and diverse client populations. Focuses attention on generalist social work practice – with identification of social casework, group-work, community organization and other specializations. Stresses self-assessment of aptitude for social work and explores career opportunities. Writing intensive course.

  • Hours: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: SOC 201, PSY 205, ENG 108; Term: 1, 2

SW 312L Introduction to Social Work Laboratory

Supervised volunteer experience in a local social service agency or a field setting where social work is practiced. These include child welfare, gerontology, public welfare, family services, medical and health care, mental health and community services, corrections, schools and others. Participation in and observation of the work day of social workers engaged in direct practice with individuals, families, small groups, organizations, and/or communities and/or those involved in indirect social work practice with macro systems targeted for change. May be repeated for a maximum of three credits. Each credit hour equals 40 clock hours of agency work. First experience must be successfully completed before next experience will be allowed. Each credit hour experience explores social work activity with a system of a different size as well as a different field of, or setting for, social work practice.

  • Hours: 1 hour
  • Prerequisites: SW 312; Term: 1, 2, 3