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SW 378/578 Policy and Services for Older Persons

Examination of major social policies and services addressing the problems and needs of older Americans. Focused attention on retirement policies, senior housing, long-term care issues, health care issues and special social services for the aging.

  • Hours: 2 hours
  • Prerequisites: Term: 1
Potential Careers

Potential Careers

Adoption Worker, Case Manager, Domestic Violence Counselor, Foster Care Worker, Group Leader, Home Health Care Provider, Intake Worker, Mental Health Worker, Patient Advocate, Peace Corps Volunteer, Policy Analyst, Research Assistant, Residential Counselor and Youth Counselor.

SW 299 Pre-professional Practicum

Experience in a social work setting such as gerontology, child welfare, medical and health care. Students are involved in supervised observation and participation in direct practice with individuals, families, small groups, organizations and/or communities, or in indirect practice with macro systems targeted for change; weekly seminar discussion of practicum experiences. May be repeated for a maximum of six credits. Each credit hour equals 40 clock hours of agency work.

  • Hours: 2-6 hours
  • Prerequisites: Must be arranged through the Social Work Certificate Director.

SW 325 Professional Communication with Individuals and Groups

Laboratory and didactic course emphasizing the development of interactional skills. Focus is on communications skills with individuals, families and groups. Confidentiality and accountability are emphasized. Special emphasis is given to working with diverse client populations. Lab experiences will include group membership, role plays, videotaping of interviews, computerized exercises, critiques of techniques and styles of interacting with others.

  • Hours: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: SOC 201, PSY 205 or equivalent, PHL 126 or PHL 276; Term: 1, 2