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Social Work Minor (1)

A Background in Humanitarian Service
Social Work Minor

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SW 496 Social Issues and Policies: Senior Seminar

Intense analysis of social welfare policy. Special emphasis on the relationship of welfare policy to social work practice and the effects of policy on oppressed and vulnerable populations.

  • Hours: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: SW 314, SOC 385, social work major or permission of instructor, senior standing; must be taken the winter term prior to graduation; Term: 2

SW 355 Social Research

Provides a beginning understanding and appreciation of social research. Emphasizes the use and production of research for improving one’s effectiveness as a generalist social work practitioner or social science professional. Students become familiar with different social research approaches (using both quantitative and qualitative data), and learn a method for effectively evaluating research studies. Includes a series of experiential exercises that lead students step-by-step through the research process: deciding and developing a research question, specifying sampling strategy, selecting or developing appropriate measures, planning and carrying out a data collection, analyzing data, writing
a research paper, etc. Emphasizes important ethical and human diversity issues raised throughout the research process.

  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Prerequisites: PSY 205, SOC 201, MTH 100; Term: 1, 2

SW 314 Social Welfare Policy

Examination of social welfare as an institution and the socio-economic and political forces that shape social welfare policy throughout history. Emphasis is on the changing conceptions of social welfare, the organizations of existing social welfare programs, and their impact on oppressed and vulnerable client systems. Also considered are the development and implementation of social welfare policy and the evaluation of social welfare responses to human needs according to principles of social justice. Alternative systems are explored.

  • Hours: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: SOC 201, PSY 205, ENG 108; Recommended: ECN 200, ECN 202; Term: 1, 2

Social Work Minor within a Bachelor of Arts Program

A minor in Social Work can be combined with a major in almost any field. Social Work minors are equipped with the beginning knowledge and skills in social work practice. Students are given a solid foundation in professional ethics and an understanding in human behavior and aid for secure employment in the human services field. Social work minors are taught from a number of disciplinary perspectives, equipping them with skills for numerous career opportunities.

SW 350 Social Work Practice I

A systems frame of reference for generalist social work practice is applied in the problem-solving process with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations. Emphasis is on the value base of practice and the development of relationships with persons of diverse and oppressed groups. Focus on analytical and interactional skills, interviewing, data collection, problem identification and assessment, especially as related to the beginning and middle phases of the change process. Micro systems practice is emphasized. As a result of assessment, at the end of SW 350, if necessary, you may be required to do a pre-practicum in order to demonstrate your aptitude and skills for Social Work. SW 350 must be re-taken in the same calendar year as the student begins field practicum.

  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Prerequisites: SW 312, SW 325, PSY 240, PSY 346; SW majors officially accepted into the program only; may only be taken in same year as student begins field practicum; Term: 2,3

SW 450 Social Work Practice II

The problem-solving process is further developed through examining specific systems-individual, family, group, community and organizations. Utilizing a team approach, students assess and evaluate theoretical intervention models. Focus is on the middle and ending phases of the change process, as well as on ethical practice dilemmas. Macro system practice is emphasized. SW 450 must be re-taken if the student has not completed the entire field placement within 2 years of completing the course.

  • Hours: 4 hours
  • Prerequisites: SW majors only; SW 350, SOC 306 or SOC 307; Corequisite: SW 455; Term: 1

SW 345 Sociology of the Family

Analyzes the family including marriage and kinship relationships, as both a social institution and a network of small group interactions. Sociological theories will be investigated as well as empirical research.

  • Hours: 3 hours
  • Prerequisites: SOC 201; Term: 1, 2

SW 200, 200A, 200B, 200C Special Topics

Course addresses specific practice areas, populations and/or issues in order to provide an opportunity to delve more deeply into specialized topics that are not fully addressed in other courses. Offered on a rotating basis according to special interests and needs of students. Note: Students taking these courses at the 400 level will be given additional assignments.

SW 200A Working with Substance Abuse 2 hours
SW 200B Working with Children and Families 2 hours
SW 200C Working with Mental Illness 2 hours

  • Hours: 2 Hours
  • Prerequisites: SOC 201 or 202, PSY 205; Term: 1, 2, 3