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Certificate in Gerontology

Certificate in Gerontology

Aging doesn’t have to diminish the quality of living. Give back to your elders by developing skills you can share that will help enhance their lives.

Certificate in Gerontology Overview

Marygrove College offers a multidisciplinary certificate program in gerontology. This certificate is intended for people who have completed at least two years of undergraduate course work. It is also designed for professional practitioners with baccalaureate or advanced degrees, who want to deepen their understanding of aging and are interested in developing skills to become leaders in the provision and development of services that empower older adults.

To receive a certificate in gerontology, you must complete a minimum of 16 credit hours at Marygrove College. This includes 14 credit hours of required courses and two credit hours of elective courses.

The three credit hour field experience in gerontology may be waived if you are presently participating in a supervised work experience with the elderly‚ or if the field practicum experience for your major is in a gerontological setting. In such cases, you would take another three credit elective course in the program.